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USB to PS/2 Adapters -

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Connect a Keyboard with a PS/2 connector to a the USB port of a computer (uses a USB Male to PS/2 Female adapter)



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Connect a Keyboard with a USB connector to a PS/2 computer keyboard connector (uses a USB Female to PS2 Male adapter)



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Part Number Price


ADP-PU21 (ADP-PU21 ) - Adesso PS/2 to USB Adapter for Keyboard and Mouse, It allows you to connect a PS/2 mouse and keyboard through the USB port on any computer 10 Adesso
CTG 46073 (CTG-46073 ) - Cables To Go 35700 USB To PS/2 Adapter 5 Cables To Go
35700 (35700 ) - Cables To Go USB/PS/2 Adapter 13 Cables To Go
HU2PS2 (HU2PS2 ) - Hawking HU2PS2 USB to PS2 Adapter 15 Hawking
GUC10KM (GUC10KM ) - IOGear USB to PS/2 Adapter, it enables PS/2 type keyboards and mice to connect to a PC USB port 16 IOGear
3435 (3435 ) - PPA Int'l USB to PS/2 Cable Adaptor 15 PPA Intl
SBT-PS2U (SBT-PS2U ) - Sabrent USB to 2-Port PS/2 Splitter Cable Converter, allows you to use PS/2 Mouse, Keyboards with the USB port of the computer, USB Connector: Type A , PS/2 Connector: Keyboard - 6-pin Mini Din Female (purple); Mouse - 6-pin Mini Din Female (green) 5 Sabrent
JU-ACB012-S2 (JU-ACB012-S2 ) - SIIG USB to PS/2 keyboard / mouse adapter cable. RoHS compliant, Converts traditional PS/2 keyboard/mouse to use USB interface, Windows 98/98SE /ME/ 2000/XP 16 SIIG
GC46MF (GC46MF ) - Replacement PS/2 Mouse to USB Adapter, PS/2 female connector on one end and an USB type A Male connector on the other lets you plug your PS/2 mouse into an USB port 5 StarTech
GC46FM (GC46FM ) - USB TO PS2 MOUSE , Converts a USB A Male connector to a PS/2 Male connector, letting your plug your USB mouse into a PS/2 port 7 StarTech
TU-PS2 (TU-PS2 ) - TRENDnet keyboard/mouse splitter with 2inch pony tail, USB to PS/2 converter allows you to connect a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to a USB port on your Desktop or Laptop PC 9 TRENDware
B015-000 (B015-000 ) - Tripp Lite USB to PS/2 Adapter, use to connect a USB computer to a KVM switch or to connect a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to the USB ports on a computer, Connector A USB A (Male) Connector B (x2) MiniDIN6 (Female) 15 Tripp Lite





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